Pilgrim of Hate, The By Ellis Peters, read by Stephen Thorne


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Medieval mysteries by Ellis Peters, particularly those with sleuthing Brother Cadfael, are international bestsellers. Cadfael is the gardener and herbalist among the order of monks who manage the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in 12th century Shrewsbury, England. Cadfael, a wise man in his 60s, has taken religious vows and retired to the quiet, contemplative life of the monastery following earlier service as a warrior in the Crusades and then as a captain of a fishing crew. At the Abbey, his life proves to be anything but staid as he solves a series of mysteries. In 1141 A.D., the celebration of Saint Winifred brings a flood of pilgrims — and possibly a murderer — to town. Shrewdly, a perspicacious Cadfael unwinds the twisted tale, discovers a plot of retribution, and once again becomes caught up in medieval evil.


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