Promised Land

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Format: Mass Market Paperback, 218pp. ISBN: 0440171970 Publisher: Dell Publishing Company, Incorporated Pub. Date: May 1983 Spenser is good at finding things. But this time he has a client out on Cape Cod who is in over his head. Harvey Shepard has lost his pretty wife — and a very pretty quarter million bucks in real estate. Now a loan shark is putting on the bite. Spenser finds himself doing a slow burn in the Cape Cod sun. The wife has turned up as a hot suspect in a case of murder one…the in-hock hubby has 24 hours before the mob makes him dead…and suddenly Spenser is in so deep that the only way out is so risky it makes dying look like a sure thing. “Spenser is the sassiest, funniest, most-enjoyable-to-read private eye around today.” (The Cincinnati Post)

1 review for Promised Land

  1. Alex

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exreptise answers. Thanks!

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