Red Rain


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Published: May 2002, Format: Hardcover, 368pp, Publisher :Viking Penguin From the Publisher Meet Luther Ewing. With his mother’s Vietnamese cheekbones and long dark hair and his black marine father’s copper skin, he passes for Comanche-war paint and all-when he’s in the mood for trouble. He’s been a Gulf War Special Forces soldier and a mercenary in Bosnia. Now he’s just two years into working with the good guys of the Baltimore County Police Department, where only three people-his partner Ice Box, his pal on the city police department, and Annie in the sex crimes unit-understand him and why he carries a jazzed-up .50-caliber Desert Eagle. All’s well for Luther at the stationhouse until he and Ice Box prepare to battle the Russian mob. As the identity of the ringleader comes to light, Luther’s shady past comes back to haunt him. When the body count soars, only he-back in war paint-can bring down the ruthless criminals. Readers left breathless by the novels of George P. Pelecanos and Dennis Lehane will breathe deep again with Red Rain-with its relentless pace and gut-real characters and the new, pistol-crack voice of a master stylist.


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