Rogue Male


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Passing through a foreign country, a professional big game hunter finds himself wondering whether he might be able to infiltrate the local dictatorメs compound, target the dictator, perhaps take him down. He has his target in his sitesラshould he follow through?ラwhen he is seized by security, imprisoned, tortured, and condemned to death. And yet he escapes. He flees though enemy territory and succeeds at last in reaching his native England, only to realize that at home, too, he cannot be safe: a mere border will not divert his pursuers from their revenge; the British government cannot protect him without seeming to endorse his actions. He has no chance but to go under the radar, to find a spot for himself outside the bounds of society, to retreat as a fox does to its earth. He is a hunter. Who should know better how to escape pursuit? Soon, however, our hero discovers that he is dealing with men who are no less out of the ordinary than he is.


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