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Advance Praise for “Sequence” “”Sequence” is a marvelous, whip-smart thriller with a twist—a double helix sort of twist, that is. In Alexandra Blake, a brilliant and resolute D.C. geneticist with a taste for old cars and major commitment issues, Andrews has given us a protagonist who already feels like an old friend. Here’s hoping she’s with us for a long, long time.” —Dylan Schaffer, author of the award-winning Misdemeanor Man mysteries “”Sequence” is a great combination of interesting science and likable characters.” —Elizabeth Becka, author of “Trace Evidence””” “Sequence is fast-paced and fascinating, the perfect combination of modern genetics and a beguiling investigator who traces her lineage right back to Sam Spade. You can’t ask for anything more: “Sequence “is fun and important, too.” “—Craig Nova,” author of “Cruisers”


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