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Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 PLUS the Special John Steinbeck Issue (Holiday Delivery Guaranteed)

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Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 PLUS the Special John Steinbeck Issue (Holiday Delivery Guaranteed)

A Strand Magazine exclusive- Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 here, and for years has been our bestselling gift item.

Full color calendar celebrating The Great Detective with quotes, and trivia related to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. Beautiful spreads with photos and illustrations of Sherlock Holmes, including scenes from the Canon by Sidney Paget. We have a great line-up of themed months in this year’s calendar including several copies of the original full color illustrations by Sidney Paget from several distinguished collectors of Sherlockiana.

We have art by Jeffrey McKeever including his painting “Sherlock Holmes on the Prowl for Gift” and three other paintings that were commissioned by the Strand featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. And we’re proud to include paintings by the eminent Australian illustrator Phil Cornell who painted a wonderful tribute to Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men, and Sherlock on trains. We also have monuments of Sherlock, which explores the global phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes via the statues built for the iconic detective. Sherlock Holmes posters, which include images from several films revolving around the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. And last but not least, deerstalkers are always provide a note of controversy among die-hard Sherlockians, who will point out that Holmes never wore one in London, we have art which includes Holmes and his deerstalker!

Our quotes and trivia section looks at everything from the day that Sherlock Holmes was born to the publication dates of several short stories and novels from the cannon. Our calendar is printed on heavy card stock and will last as collector’s item for many years to come! Also, the calendar is coil bound which means that it’ll open smoothly and will never ever tear!

Our Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is full color, 11×17 on glossy paper. A collector’s item that will last for years. Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is a Strand Magazine exclusive.

(Limited to 250 copies)

The Strand Magazine: New Steinbeck Short Story, Plus Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, and an Exclusive with Hank Phillippi Ryan

(New Steinbeck short story, fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Robin Yocum, and David Marcum, exclusive interview with Hank Phillippi Ryan)

In our 58th issue, we’re proud to present the first American release of John Steinbeck’s “The Amiable Fleas.”

The new Steinbeck story, “The Amiable Fleas” revolves around a discerning cat named Apollo who serves as critic and confidant to the chef of a gourmet restaurant. Add in some family conflict and a restaurant critic and you have all the ingredients of a short comedic masterpiece.

From the humorous we shift to the sinister with “Final Interview” by the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates. It is a treat to publish such a prolific and influential writer, and Oates does not disappoint—offering a story about a burnt-out writer, a pathological youth, and a condescending journalist, all seemingly headed on a collision course. Also in this issue, Robin Yocum warns us not to underestimate an over-the-hill mobster with “The Last Hit,” and David Marcum, takes Holmes and Watson back to Dartmoor—of The Hound of the Baskervilles fame—to investigate a cold case in “The Dowser’s Discovery.”

For our spotlight interview we caught up with bestselling author and investigative journalist Hank Phillippi Ryan, who not only has earned critical and popular acclaim for her mystery novels, but has a reputation as one of the kindest and most gregarious mystery authors. Ryan shared experiences as an investigative journalist and offered a dose of pep for all those authors sitting on their manuscripts or trying to chase a trend.

We also have the latest book, audiobook, and DVD reviews.

The Strand Magazine continues to bring our readers the best in fiction, interviews with authors, as well as insightful book and audiobook reviews. In addition to the new Steinbeck short story, we’ve featured unpublished works other legendary authors including Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott FitzgeraldRaymond Chandler, H.G. WellsAgatha ChristieDashiell Hammett, Tennessee Williams, and Joseph Heller.

For more back issues with works by literary legends, follow this link!

Note: The Strand has published this work with the kind permission of the John Steinbeck Estate. This story is being published in English for the first time, and was originally published in Le Figaro in French in 1954.  The Steinbeck estate was able to confirm this fact and we’re grateful for their help and cooperation in permitting this work to be shared with a wider audience.


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