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Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020

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Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020


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A Strand Magazine exclusive- Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is here, and for years has been our bestselling gift item.

Our calendar is printed on a glossy, heavy cover stock with Great Detective with quotes, and trivia related to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. We’ve never produced the same Sherlock Holmes calendar twice, which is why our customers have been purchasing our calendars for decades.

Our 2020, has a treat in store for fans of the art of illustrator Sidney Paget who brought Holmes to life in hundreds of illustrations for the original Strand Magazine. By the kind permission of several collectors, we have included the original paintings that Paget supplied to the Strand, and much to our surprise they were in glorious full color.

We have art by Jeffrey McKeever including his painting “Sherlock Holmes on the Trail of a Gift” and three other paintings that were commissioned by the Strand featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. And we’re proud to include paintings by the eminent Australian illustrator Phil Cornell who painted a wonderful tribute to Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men, and “Sherlock on Trains”. We would be remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to Sherlock on Screen with some of the best loved actors who portrayed Sherlock including Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett.

Our quotes and trivia section looks at everything from the day that Sherlock Holmes was born to the publication dates of several short stories and novels from the cannon. !

Our Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is full color, 11×17 on glossy paper. A collector’s item that will last for years. Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is a Strand Magazine exclusive. Our calendar is printed on heavy card stock and will last as collector’s item for many years to come! Also, the calendar is coil bound which means that it’ll open smoothly and will never ever tear.

(Limited to 300 copies)

11 reviews for Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020

  1. Sandra Yost

    A good calendar. I wish there was a homage to Cumbertach. But I still like the calendar. Good stock, creative, and has those Sherlockian dates!

  2. Kelsey Mintier

    A cute calendar, good value for the art, trivia, and some original Paget illustrations which are in full color. You don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes fan to enjoy this product.

  3. Beth Mendez

    I’ve been a huge fan of Sidney Paget, he did all the old drawings for the old Strand and this calendar has many never before seen drawings by Paget and it turns out they were painted in color, so those drawings you see of Holmes were really in color. I liked the film poster section, had a nod to Brett, Rathbone, and even John Neville—the only thing is I don’t like Robert Downey. Overall, a fun product.

  4. Ralph Nelson

    A wonderful calendar that is a fantastic keepsake as well. If you are looking for a cheap calendar that you can buy at the local Walmart or pharmacy, think again. This calendar is printed on very thick card stock. Has wonderful art, illustrations, old film posters, dates that are of interest to Sherlock. A great way to honor Sherlock year around.

  5. Mandy Gillespie

    I like this one, nice pics, some homages to Rathbone, Brett, the usual suspects. And some of the old original illustrations from the Stand Magazine, but I wish they at least tried to get into the modern game and feature Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

  6. Jerry Siegel

    Novelty calendars are hard to like, but I liked this one. The pages were done with a thick cardstock, the art was very Victorian.

  7. Fran LePage

    It’s 1891, with some of the Paget illustrations, I was sold when I saw they had the Dancing Men code!

  8. Sally Katz

    Jeremy Brett, Rathbone, all my favorite screen Holmes’ are on display. Plus some wonderful evocative works by some guy who illustrates for the Strand. A blend of classic works and some works by newer artists.

  9. Howard Torossian

    A nicely designed calendar. I don’t know why they have film posters. I see Robert Downey in enough places. I don’t need to stare at him for 30 days for crying out loud!

  10. Sandy Conway

    A nice product, slick, glossy, it opens where you want it to open and I bought a bunch to give as Christmas gifts.

  11. Jason Labash (verified owner)

    Good looking calendar with Sherlock relevant dates noted. If you like the literary Sherlock, then you’ll like the original artwork based those stories.

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