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Shoot First by Stuart Woods (Paperback)



Shoot First by Stuart Woods (Paperback)

In Shoot First by Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington must defend a woman whose business–and life–are under threat.

Stone Barrington is enjoying a round of golf in Key West when the game is violently interrupted. It seems as if the target of the disturbance may have been one of his playing companions, the brilliant businesswoman behind a software startup on the cutting edge of technology. Soon, it becomes clear that this incident is only the first thrust in a deadly scheme. The goal is to push the beautiful young woman out of the way and reveal her company’s valuable secrets.

From the sun-soaked Florida shores to an idyllic English country retreat, Stone embarks on a quest to protect his lovely new companion while searching for the mastermind behind the plot against her. But he may find that her enemy is far more resourceful–and dangerous–than he could have anticipated.

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