Slice and Dice


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Format: Mass Market Paperback, 368pp. ISBN: 0345421531 Publisher: Fawcett Book Group Pub. Date: September 2000 Edition Desc: 1 ED From the Publisher MURDER A LA CARTE If all goes according to plan, Connie Buckridge’s culinary empire will soon boast a state-of-the-art cooking academy and restaurant in her home town of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Unfortunately, just when the kitchen queen and her bickering entourage hit town on a publicity tour, so does a bestselling investigative writer who is hot on her scandalous trail.Primed by an anonymous e-mail informer, Marie Damontraville is preparing to cook Connie’s goose with a major expose of her strategies for success. The one missing ingredient in this unsavory stew is murder, and when food critic Sophie Greenway finds a cooking colleague stabbed with his own kitchen knife, a fire that has been smoldering for forty years suddenly bursts into flame.


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