Something Borrowed, Something Black: The New Peter Macklin Novel


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Format: Hardcover, 236pp. ISBN: 031287863X Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC Pub. Date: April 2002 Edition Desc: 1ST From the Publisher “Peter Macklin is a killer – or was. He got out. He quit the mob, left Detroit, and finally met Laurie, a gorgeous, smart, passionate woman who makes him feel that perhaps life holds more for him than the deadly game of his former profession.” “Los Angeles. Honeymoon. Only the memories hurt, and she’s so good she knows not to ask him about what he won’t discuss.” “Then comes the phone call. He’s got to travel to Sacramento to take care of a business matter that he thought was already settled. It’ll just be a day, he tells her, and then they’ll continue their honeymoon.” “A day passes, and instead of Peter, a man called Abilene shows up, sent, says Peter’s note, to take care of her while he’s gone. But when Laurie tires of Abilene’s hick, country ways and attemps to break away from him, one hard moment tells her that he’s no friend – and that she’s having the Honeymoon from Hell.” “Peter loves her, doesn’t he? If he does, would he leave her with his “friend”? Peter has his own problems, taking care of business, nasty business, in San Antonio, and it isn’t pretty.” “What has he gotten her into? Will it ever end? Or will he always be a killer? Laurie just wishes she could know…but right now, she’s not sure she wants to know.” And Macklin? He’s not sure of anything, anymore.


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