Southampton Row


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“It’s 1892, and an election is just days away. With Lord Salisbury’s future looking uncertain, the political climate is perfect for an evil man with selfish ambitions to put himself forward as a Tory candidate. That man is Charles Voisey, whom Thomas Pitt recently defeated.” “Despite being thanked by Queen Victoria herself for the courage and loyalty he showed in the Whitechapel case, Pitt has been demoted from his position as Superintendent of Bow Street police to work in Special Branch: a mark of revenge by the Inner Circle. And now, Pitt’s first case is to obtain every piece of information he can that might stop Voisey winning his Tory seat and beginning the climb to a power which would corrupt the justiciary of the land.” “Within hours of beginning his investigation into Voisey’s affairs, Pitt is commanded by his superior to go to Southampton Row, where the murder of a famous medium, Maude Lamont, has been reported. Totally bewildered as to why this should be related to his task with Special Branch, Pitt arrives at the house. The murder was grotesque – and personal. Who were Maude Lamont’s clients the night she died? Who had she claimed to call up from the past? And what had they revealed that had ended in murder?” As a link is revealed between the spiritualist and the political figures Pitt is investigating, the whispers of scandal, violence and assault grow louder. And with his wife, Charlotte, hiding for safety with their children in the country, Pitt must turn to his sister-in-law Emily for help in solving one of his most high profile cases yet.


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