Spurred Ambition


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After her first attempt at breaking and entering, business attorney Hannah Dain heads for the cliffs of Pinnacle Peak, Arizona to rock climb — and winds up in the middle of an anti-Indian protest turned violent. She escapes, but makes an enemy. This is the least of her worries, as a recent shocking family revelation sends her on a hunt for someone who has been gone for almost thirty years — someone who may not want to be found. Then Hannah meets Tony Soto. From the moment he saves her from a climbing mishap, Hannah is beguiled by the Native American/Latino who is passionately committed to the betterment of his tribe. What becomes a near-fatal attraction jeopardizes Hannah’s relationship with her boyfriend, Cooper Smith, and enmeshes her in a kidnapping tied to a complex securities fraud. Is Tony an innocent victim, or is he part of an elaborate financial hoax where more than money is at stake? When murder ratchets up the ante, only by taking a gutsy chance can Hannah unravel the scheme and fin


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