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Super Trio Gift Pack: Special Holiday Issue plus The Sherlock Holmes Calendar and The Great Detectives Bookmark

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Strand Magazine Issue 53: Unpublished Raymond Chandler Story plus The Sherlock Holmes Calendar


Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2018

A Strand Magazine exclusive- the Sherlock Holmes Calendar – 2018  here, and for years has been our bestselling gift item.

Full color calendar celebrating The Great Detective with quotes, and trivia related to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. Beautiful spreads with photos and illustrations of Sherlock Holmes, including scenes from the Canon by Sidney Paget. We have a great line-up of themed months in this year’s calendar including,  Sherlock Holmes in the Country, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, the Many faces of Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes and dogs, Sherlock’s tools of deduction, and much more!

We also have Sherlock Holmes in the old Strand Magazine with magazine covers of the legendary magazine, and the exclusive “Flowers for Mrs. Hudson” painting by Jeffrey McKeever.

Our quotes and trivia section looks at everything from the day that Sherlock Holmes was born to the publication dates of several short stories and novels from the cannon. Our calendar is printed on heavy card stock and will last as collector’s item for many years to come! Also, the calendar is coil bound which means that it’ll open smoothly and will never ever tear!

Full color, 11×17 on glossy paper. A collector’s item that will last for years. Sherlock Holmes Calendar – 2018 is a Strand Magazine exclusive.

Strand Magazine Issue 53: Unpublished Raymond Chandler story

Our current issue includes a short story by Raymond Chandler that has never been published before, titled “It’s All Right—He Only Died.” This little gem is vintage noir and rich in atmosphere and provides a prescient take on a crumbling healthcare industry.  Our 53rd issue also features an exclusive interview with the talented Tana French in which the celebrated author of the Dublin Murder Squad series spoke about the craft of writing, the city of Dublin, and what inspires her to write. We’re also headlining fiction by Craig Johnson, Brad Harper, David Marcum, and Elizabeth Creith.

We’re proud to present a short story titled “It’s All Right—He Only Died” by noir master Raymond Chandler. The story revolves around a transient suffering a serious brain injury and his most unusual trip to a hospital reluctant to treat him. This unpublished Raymond Chandler story marks the fourth time we’ve released a lost story by a noir legend in the Strand. In the past, we’ve released works by Dashiell Hammett, Cornell Woolrich, and James M. Cain.

In the spirit of the holiday, we offer you Elizabeth Creith’s “The Wer-Wolf of Thorpe”—a tale set in 11th-century England and featuring what seems to be a supernatural murder. Then we fast-forward to modern-day Baltimore, where Brad Harper’s “House Odds” pits a detective against the clock in a cautionary tale about borrowing from the Russian mafia. Craig Johnson of Longmire fame also joins us this issue, with “Eleven/Twenty-Nine,” a story of redemption in northern Wyoming. And David Marcum takes us back to Victorian London where Sherlock Holmes revisits the events that took place in “The Sign of the Four.” Plus an unpublished Raymond Chandler story.

Tana French has earned a reputation as one of the most talented authors in the world. Her novels featuring the Dublin Murder Squad have won numerous awards in the relatively brief period she’s been on the writing scene. In this issue’s interview, French discusses some of her influences and the complications of her home city of Dublin and offers some sage advice to aspiring authors. In addition to our usual insightful book reviews, we are pleased to beef up our review section this issue with both a young-adult reading guide and a list of the scariest novels of this millennium.

Our review section highlights works by Don Winslow, Matthew Sullivan, Anthony Horowitz, Alex Berenson, Dennis Lehane, and Sarah Schmidt. We’re also featuring a YA reading guide, and Brunonia Barry lists her top ten scariest novels of the third millennium.

For more back issues with works by literary legends follow this link!  We’ve also published lost works by Dashiell HammettJames M. Cain, and Cornell Woolrich.

Mystery Quote Bookmark/Fifteen Best Crime Novels of All Time

This wonderful stocking stuffer is great for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Poe, and Raymond Chandler and has quotes from their works! The mystery quote bookmark is made of glossy stock and is full color and the other side has the Strand Magazine’s newsletters subscribers’ list of the top 15 crime novels ever written!

More than being a gift, we’re certain this bookmark will ignite some debate between crime fiction buffs.



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