Strike Force


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When a military coup in Iran leads to a brutal crackdown on the Islamic theocracy, it seems as if a new era is dawning in the Middle East, especially when the new leader, General Hesarak al-Kan Buzhazi, seeks to normalize relations with both America and Israel. But the old regime is not yet dead. The theocrat’s terror army, the Pasdaran, declares holy war on the new military regime in Iran and threatens to use every weapon in its arsenal – including nuclear weapons – to destroy Buzhazi and restore the clerics to power. The growing civil war in Iran threatens to rip the entire Middle East apart. No one in the Western world wants to get involved in this battle – except special adviser to the President Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan. He recommends sending the Air Battle Force – including its small fleet of globe-crossing Black Stallion spaceplanes – to Iran to help Buzhazi. But McLanahan and his high-tech forces have their own political and personal battles to fight back at home. Filled with the latest cut


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