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Suture Self by Mary Daheim (paperback)

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Suture Self by Mary Daheim

A bum hip has bed-and-breakfast hostess Judith McMonigle Flynn limping off to Good Cheer Hospital — a questionable “haven of healing” where two recent patients didn’t make the cut after routine surgery. Judith’s trepidation at undergoing the knife is eased only by sharing a room with cousin Renie, who’s in for rotator cuff repair. Though the cousins survive their surgeries, the ex-pro quarterback next door is permanently sacked after minor knee surgery. With the scoreboard showing Grim Reaper 3, post-op patients 0, Judith decides that she and Renie are obliged to get to the bottom of Good Cheer’s carnage. But in order to sew up the case, Judith and Renie must probe into the suspects’ psyches. And suddenly it looks as if the cousins’ own prognoses could take them out of the game…for good.


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