Tart Noir (paperback)



Format: Paperback, 320pp. ISBN: 0425186431 Publisher: Berkley These are the bad girls we’ve been waiting for. They’re tough enough to take on thugs, tender enough to be moved to tears. Half Philip Marlowe, half femme fatale, their morals are questionable and their attitudes need adjustment. They’re tarts. And they are the heroines of this collectionwith stories by: *Jessica Adams *Jen Banbury *Liza Cody *Martina Cole *Jenny Colgan *Stella Duffy *Liz Evans *Sparkle Hayter *Lauren Henderson *Vicki Hendricks *Lisa Jewell *Laura Lippman *Sujata Massey *Val McDermid *Denise Mina *Karen Moline *Katy Munger *Chris Niles *Jenny Siler *Karin Slaughter


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