The Cold Blue Blood



Format: Mass Market Paperback, 320pp. ISBN: 0312986106 Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Pub. Date: October 2002 A SALT AND PEPPER CRIME-SOLVING DUO… New York film critic Mitch Berger has become a reclusive curmudgeon in his city apartment after his young wife’s death. A cottage on Connecticut’s Big Sister Island, an old-money WASP community, offers him hopes for a fresh start…even when eerie footsteps, a sinister handyman, and a knife-wielding, sleepwalking matron begin to remind him of a grade B horror flick. Nevertheless, actually finding a dead body is a shock… Lt. Desiree Mitry of the State Police is another. Six-foot-one, with long dreadlocks and legs that reach to heaven, Des is-gorgeous. She is also a rescuer of feral cats, wary of relationships, and tops at catching killers. But when Mitch provides some help with the blue-blooded locals, the attraction between this unlikely couple is growing-and so is the danger-because Mitch is soon the man who knows too much…and the killer’s next target. Author Biography: David Handler, author of the Steward Hoag mystery series, won an Edgar Award for The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald and was nominated for an Anthony Award for The Man Who Died Laughing. He also co-wrote the thriller Gideon under a pen name. He lives in Connecticut.


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