The Company (TV Tie-In)


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With a sharp eye for the pathos and absurdity of the Cold War, Robert Littell crafted his first novel, the now legendary spy thriller The Defection of A.J. Lewinter, published in 1973 to enthusiastic acclaim. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt of The New York Times called it “a perfect little gem, the best Cold War thriller I’ve read in years,” and the praise kept coming with later novels such as The Debriefing and The Amateur, with critics hailing Littell as “the American Le Carré” (New York Times) and raving that his books were “as good as thriller writing gets” (The Washington Post). For his thirteenth novel, capping a distinguished career, Robert Littell does for the CIA—”the Company” to insiders—what Mario Puzo did for the Mafia: creates an engrossing, mulitgenerational, wickedly nostalgic yet utterly candid saga bringing to life, through a host of characters—historical and imagined—the nearly 50 years of this secretive, complex and powerful organization. At the heart of the novel, a stunningly conceived mole hun


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