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The Decent Inn Of Death by Rennie Airth (Paperback)



The Decent Inn Of Death by Rennie Airth

In The Decent Inn of Death, former Scotland Yard inspectors Madden and Sinclair find themselves trapped in the company of a murderer.

On a trip, former chief inspector Angus Sinclair learns of a tragedy that has taken place where he is staying. Beloved church organist Greta Hartmann has slipped and fallen to her death in a shallow creek. While investigations conclude it to be an accident, her friend and housemate, Vera, remains unconvinced. After learning that Greta was the widow of a prominent anti-Nazi German preacher, Sinclair meets with the distraught Vera. He resolves to dig deeper into the story. His investigations lead him to the stately manor of Julia Lesage. This is where she lives with her devoted staff that includes her secretary, cook, and driver. Though confined to a wheelchair, Julia is an electrifying spirit with a sharp wit, and those who know her adore her. Among those who do, a gentleman with dubious business dealings is also staying at the house. Julia appears to be in love with him. A blizzard hits, keeping Sinclair, and later Madden, on the grounds with little to do but analyze the case of Greta’s death, until a murder takes place, and everyone becomes a suspect.


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