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The Devil Knows You’re Dead by Lawrence Block



The Devil Knows You’re Dead by Lawrence Block

In this city, there is little sense and no rules. Those who fly the highest often come crashing down the hardest–like successful young Glenn Holtzmann, randomly blown away by a deranged derelict at a corner phone booth on Eleventh Avenue. Unlicensed P.I. Matt Scudder thinks Holtzmann was simply in the wrong place at the worst time. Others think differently–like Thomas Sadecki, brother of the crazed Vietnam vet accused of the murder, who wants Scudder to prove the madman innocent. But no one is truly innocent in this unmerciful metropolis–including Matthew Scudder, whose curiosity and dedication are leading him to dark, unexplored places in his own heart . . . and to passions and revelations that could destroy everything he loves.


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