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The Digger’s Game by George V. Higgins

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The Digger’s Game by George V. Higgins

A riveting George V. Higgins masterpiece about Jerry Doherty and his trip to Vegas that puts him eighteen grand in the hole.

Jerry “Digger” Doherty is an ex-con and proprietor of a workingman’s Boston bar, who supplements his income with the occasional “odd job,” like stealing live checks or picking up hot goods. His brother’s a priest, his wife’s a nag, and he has a deadly appetite for martinis and gambling. On a trip to Vegas, the Digger finds himself in the sights of a loan shark known as “the Greek.” Luckily–if you call it luck–the Digger has been let in on a little job that can turn his gambling debt into a profit, if only he can pull it off without getting himself killed.


George V. Higgins was the author of more than twenty novels, including the bestsellersThe Friends of Eddie Coyle, Cogan’s Trade, The Rat on Fire, andThe Digger’s Game. He was a reporter for the Providence Journaland the Associated Press before obtaining a law degree from Boston College Law School in 1967. He was an assistant attorney general and then an assistant United States attorney in Boston from 1969 to 1973. He later taught Creative Writing at Boston University. He died in 1999.



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