The Green Room


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The title of Atkinson’s second book to feature Hawaiian attorney Storm Kayama (after 2002’s Primitive Secrets) refers to the tumultuous place beneath the waves where a surfer either gets thrown or dives to escape a potentially dangerous swell. Kayama has spent time in the green room; her nightmarish past keeps her shy of the bigger waves these days, and she’s instead focused on building her new law firm with her partner and boyfriend, Ian Hamlin. When a client’s son extends an enticing invitation to attend a surf contest in Oahu, Kayama reunites with her long-estranged cousin, Nahoa Pi`ilani, now a celebrated surfer top-seeded in the contest. After his highest ranked opponent dies under suspicious circumstances, Pi`ilani receives a mysterious and threatening gift, a Hawaiian war totem known as a lei o man. When her cousin subsequently disappears, Kayama finds herself pulled into a risky search for answers. Peppered throughout with surfing terms, Hawaiian dialect and gorgeous descriptions of Oahu’s North Shore


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