The Living Infinite: A Game of Submarine Survival



 The Living Infinite: A Game of Submarine Survival

Your journey to the deepest reaches of the unexplored sea floor was meant to be revolutionary–but everything has gone terribly wrong. Now you’re trapped in the crushing dark of the Midnight Zone, with a wrecked submarine and quickly dwindling oxygen–and something is stirring in the depths… In THE LIVING INFINITE, players work together as scientists gathering materials from the ocean floor to repair their ship, while one or two players move as creatures, hunting the scientists down through the inky depths. With asymmetrical, one-versus-many play, it’s an undersea adventure of quick wits and strategic social prediction. Can you rebuild your ship in time to escape, or will your wily predator find you first? Box contents: board wooden submarine puzzle 6 pawns 26 punch-out tokens 10 metal tokens 10 crystal tokens 20 cards instructions shrink-wrapped How to play: Objective: For the creatures, hunt down the scientists and force them to run out of oxygen. For the scientists, rebuild their submarine in time to escape! In 2 to 4 player games, one player is designated as the creature while the rest play as scientists. In 5 to 6 player games, two players play as creatures working together. The board is set up as the deep sea floor, and submarine parts are set aside near the scientists, ready for repair. To repair ship parts, scientists must harvest resources (fuel, crystal, and metal) from the ocean floor by leaving their submarine and moving along a track on the board. The further they move on the track, the closer they come to the creature’s lair and risk meeting the creature–but the more resources they can harvest, and the faster they can repair their parts. At the start of every turn, the creature (or creatures) look through the creature deck and choose a movement card. This card designates how far from their lair they will move in the turn, and it is placed facedown, secret from the scientists. Then the scientists deliberate together: How far do they dare risk going from their submarine to harvest materials? Once the scientists have chosen how far along the track they will go, the creature card is revealed. If the creature goes past a scientist on the track, the scientist does not harvest any materials. If the creature stops short of a scientist, the scientist can harvest safely. However, if a creature lands on the same space as a scientist, the scientist must vent oxygen in order to escape alive–and oxygen is not a renewable resource. At the end of the turn, scientists and creatures return to their homes, and the scientists can use any harvested materials to repair their ship. Repairing certain parts will give the scientists extra abilities in the game–but the creature also gains new cards as more parts are repaired. The game ends when either the scientists have run out of oxygen (creature victory) or all the submarine parts have been repaired, and the scientists are able to escape (scientist victory).


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