The Mysterious North



Format: Mass Market Paperback, 256pp.ISBN: 0451207424 Publisher: N A L Pub. Date: September 2002 From Anchorage to the Chilkoot Pass, from the Klondike gold rush to the present day, this one-of-a-kind collection of original mystery stories has a little bit of everything Alaskan. With mysteries as icy as the rugged landscape, Alaskan authors and Alaska lovers give readers a glimpse into what makes this place so alluring-and mysterious….The Mysterious North In Anne Perry’s “Rearrangements,” three sisters turn on each other even as they contend with the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964. In John Straley’s “Finding Lou,” an Alaskan detective becomes his own worst enemy as he searches for a fisherman who may be a murderer. Based on true crime events, Sue Henry’s “Losing Streak” offers a glimpse into the mind of a burglar who has unwittingly made a career out of getting caught.In “Cheechako” by Dana Stabenow, a group sets out over the Chilkoot Trail to claim their fortune in the Klondike gold fields, and not even murder can keep them from their dreams. In “Going Home” by S. J. Rozan, an Alaskan private investigator tracks down a man’s brother in New York City. But does the brother really want to be found? In Donna Andrews’s “An Unkindness of Ravens,” nature and myth partner up to put an abusive husband in his place.In “A Little Walk Home,” Michael Armstrong’s protagonist triumphs over five hundred miles of Alaskan bush to emerge again into civilization. In “The Twin” by Brad Reynolds, Native Alaskan culture steps in when a ceremonial mask comes to life.Plus eight more chilling tales of the great mysterious north, from contributors including: Donna Andrews * Michael Armstrong * Mike Doogan * Kate Grilley * Sue Henry * Anne Perry * Brad Reynolds * Kim Rich * S. J. Rozan * James Sarafin * Dana Stabenow * John Straley.


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