The Ragtime Kid



Brun Campbell, a 15-year-old piano fool, gets to play Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” one 1898 afternoon in Oklahoma City. It’s destiny calling. Though he tries for ragtime lessons, he’s told no–“Ragtime is colored music” So Brun runs away from the family home in El Reno, Oklahoma, to Sedalia, Missouri, to persuade Joplin to take him on as a pupil. What Brun doesn’t expect is to trip over the body of a young woman–he thinks at first she’s a log and thoughtlessly picks up a couple of items before he rushes away. When Edward Fitzgerald, who befriended Brun his first night in town, is arrested for the womans murder, Brun is certain he’s innocent. But if the boy shows anyone the things he pocketed at the scene, things he now knows belonged to Scott Joplin, he’ll point the finger at the composer–and himself. Caught in this dilemma, Brun decides to get Fitzgerald and Joplinand himselfoff the hook by finding the real killer, but for that he will need some grown-up help which he gets from the storys other


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