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The Red Room by Ridley Pearson



The Red Room by Ridley Pearson

John Knox and Grace Chu are back in the new Risk Agent novel— “another hit in this knockout thriller series” (Booklist) by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Choke Point. 

Security operative John Knox and former Chinese Army spy Grace Chu have accepted a simple job in Istanbul: initiate the sale of a piece of ancient art worth millions to an anonymous client. But in Istanbul they find themselves in a melting pot of government agents and terrorists, where East meets West. Now Knox and Chu realize they are players in a bigger, more dangerous game than they ever imagined. Their client is himself a pawn in Iran’s nuclear program.

As they move closer to the truth, they understand better their own vulnerability. They are not alone in wanting contact with this client. Forced to test the loyalty of the very people who hired them, aware their next move could trigger a power shift in the Middle East, the two arrange a meeting that threatens to kill all involved.



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