The Reunion


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Format: Hardcover, 300pp.ISBN: 159058015X Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Pub. Date: June 2002 From the Publisher In a pulse-pounding debut, World War II events propel a gut-wrenching street level murder campaign. Nine surviving members of a U-boat crew captured during World War II gather in North Carolina for their 60th reunion, only to find themselves targets for a group kill. Meanwhile, after scouring hospital records to find her biological parents, a 36 year-old unwed mother from Oklahoma stumbles upon an obscure family connection to the murders. Carolyn Baker unknowingly holds the clue that could solve the crime, explain her own past, and expose long-concealed secrets. As she thrusts herself into the FBI investigation, the killer’s plan shifts… Curt Autry skillfully blends vital characters with elements of the spy novel, the thriller, and a classic mystery to produce a thrilling new voice. For fans of Daniel Silva.


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