The Squire’s Tale



Format: Mass Market Paperback, 288pp. ISBN: 0425182711 Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Pub. Date: December 2001 Edition Desc: REISSUE “Dame Frevisse finds herself in the midst of a complicated case concerning a noble family in turmoil.” “Years ago, young Robert Fenner was forced into marriage with Lady Blaunche. Now, in 1444, with family and lands to protect, he is being forced toward warfare with Sir Lewis Allesley over property Lady Blaunche has wrongfully held for years and refuses to give up. Worse, despite himself, Robert has fallen in love with wealthy young heiress Katherine Stretton. He holds her wardship, with the right to choose whom she will marry, and while he cannot have her for himself, he must protect her from his wife’s treachery and from men who violently desire her – his own stepson among them.” “Drawn from her nunnery’s contemplative quiet by Lady Blaunche’s need, Dame Frevisse is caught up among the passions of a man desperate for what he cannot have: a covetous, fearful wife; two young men willing to seize what they cannot come by honestly; a powerful knight blocked from what is rightfully his; and a young woman trapped in the eye of the storm. Who will see that justice is done after honest loves and dishonest lusts spawn anger, greed, and finally…murder?”-BOOK JACket


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