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The Weight by Andrew H. Vachss

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The Weight by Andrew H. Vachss

Andrew Vachss returns with a mesmerizing novel about a hard-core thief who’s about to embark on a job that will alter his life forever.

Sugar’s a pure professional, “time tested” and packing 255 pounds of muscle. Accused of a rape he couldn’t have done because he was robbing a jewelry store at the time, the DA offers him two options: give up his partners in the heist and walk, or go back to prison alone. For Sugar, there isn’t a choice; he takes the weight. When he gets out, his money is there, but so is another job. One of the heist crew has fallen off the radar, and the mastermind behind the jewelry job asks Sugar to find him and make sure their secrets are safe. Sugar suspects that there’s more to this gig than what he is being told. But nothing he suspects can prepare him for what he finds.


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