The White Tower


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In years to come the world will look to The White Tower” as the moment when Australian crime fiction got up off its hind legs and howled: We Are Here.” —Ken Bruen, author of “The Dramatist” “‘Jumpers, ‘ McCallum was saying. ‘Jumpers are—well, in my experience jumpers are always badly disturbed. They choose to jump because it’s so violent.'” The body of Niall Howley, a young man with golden hair, is found at the base of the Telstra Tower—the famed communications tower atop Canberra’s Black Mountain. Local authorities are content to accept Niall’s death as a straightforward suicide. But his apparent “suicide note” leaves many unanswered questions. The note is an image on Niall’s computer screen—a digitalized image of himself sprawled at the bottom of cliff . . . an exact replica of the positioning of his body as it was found near the Telstra Tower. Desperate for answers, and fearing murder, his mother seeks out the help of Sandra Mahoney, a computer crime consultant. Niall had been—


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