Thomas Roberts Boxed Notecards



Thomas Roberts Boxed Notecards

A beautiful notecard to inscribe a message of appreciation and love for your mother during her special day.

With a career that spanned a mere decade, Waterford-born Thomas Roberts (Irish, 17481777) is considered the finest Irish landscape painter of the eighteenth century. The son of the architect of Waterfords two cathedrals, Roberts showed early artistic promise, enrolling at the Dublin Society Drawing School at the age of fourteen and receiving training from noted landscape painters John Butts and George Mullins. By the time he was eighteen, he was exhibiting at the Society of Artists in Ireland. Roberts’s ability to portray the beauty of the Irish landscape earned him early acclaim and subsequent patronage from some of Irelands wealthiest landowners, who commissioned him to memorialize their properties on canvas. Having contracted tuberculosis, Roberts traveled to Lisbon in 1776 in an attempt to regain his health, but died the following year at the age of twenty-eight.






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