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Two Year Subscription plus the Sherlock Issue

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Two Year Subscription plus the Sherlock Issue…

In addition to receiving a two year subscription to the Strand Magazine (8 issues) you’ll receive our current issue with an exclusive interview with Sherlock producer and writer Steven Moffat.

We have a cautionary tale about the hazards of sharing personal information with a voice on the phone, such as “Risk Assessment” by the talented Zoë Sharp, or the promise of a mysterious “savior” when our livelihood is threatened, as we find in John Floyd’s “Flag Day,” we’re reminded that our fate can change the moment we meet someone new. It could even be someone we know, a friend who suddenly acts in a way we’ve never seen. So begins “A Fox in the Hand,” in which Tina Whittle introduces a new Low Country antihero who turns tarot cards to divine the truth behind a robbery. Another spin on trusting strangers comes from Brian Tobin in “No Shark Like Hatred”—no further teaser required.

For more back issues with works by literary legends follow this link!


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