Unfinished Clue, The By Georgette Heyer, read by Clifford Norgate


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The Unfinished Clue is a clever and humorous murder mystery set at a British country estate in the 1930s. There, each of the invited guests, along with the victim’s wife and the estate’s staff members (the butler, the maids, the gardener), had good reason to hate the arrogant and abrasive victim. Sir Arthur Billington-Smith had successfully alienated each and every one of them. In fact, he’s simply bloody unbearable, but soon he’s simply bloody – and thoroughly dead… done in by a decorative Chinese dagger to the back, the dagger Sir Arthur himself used as a letter opener. And found near his lifeless hand is a handwritten note: the unfinished clue of the title. When Inspector Harding of Scotland Yard is called in to solve the case, he’s soon convinced that nearly everyone could be guilty. But who is, in fact? Heyer ingeniously presents the clues and motivations, and keeps you guessing until the enjoyable end.


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