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More Unsolved Murders by Jim Morris

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The starting point for any investigation is a curiosity, and that curiosity will lead to questions; but those questions will not always tabulate themselves neatly for ease of presentation. With a murder it is usually known early on just what the investigation will set out to discover because a body will have been found. And if dead bodies do not generally move unaided, then how, or why, is it where it is found?

But what if a body is not found? The most confounding of cases in this selection of unsolved murders is a case from the 1980’s, where the body was never found.

And from Coventry’s domestic suburbia of the 1950’s – who wanted the old-time dancing housewife and mother dead, and why such a level of brutality?

In Scarborough during the war, who did the lady enter the disused bus garage with, and why?

Was robbery a motive for the murder of the retired school teacher? Was it the motive for the killing of the fruiterer’s widow?

Murder goes West to Carmarthen in South Wales; it goes to Coventry, Biggin Hill and Scarborough. Finally it leaves its mark in Oxford.

Here are another five cases where a murder was committed but remained unsolved – four officially unsolved, that is to say there was never a conviction, and one where the ‘conviction’ leaves more questions than it answers.


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