DVD Review: Partners In Crime.

DVD Review: Partners In Crime.

DVD Review: Partners In Crime–the wonderful adventures of Tommy and Tuppence are as timely as ever… Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime takes its title from the second book about the adventures of Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, uses the novel The Secret Adversary for the plot of the first three episodes, and adapts N or M? […]

DVD Review: Mr. Holmes

DVD Review: Mr. Holmes (starring Ian McKellen)

DVD Review: Mr. Holmes Does one really want to watch a movie about a ninety-plus Sherlock Holmes, suffering from age-related memory loss and mourning the decline in his deductive powers? It would be rather like a film about a paraplegic Captain America or a Robin Hood whose arthritis left him incapable of using a bow […]

The Hitman in films and novels...

The Hitman in films and novels…

Hitman in films and novels from Kill Bill to Fargo Michael Hendricks of The Killing Kind is not your typical hitman. For one, he only hits other hitmen. For two, he doesn’t do it for the thrill or the money (although he does charge—for ten times the price on your head, he’ll make the hitman […]

Reel Crimes, Real Crimes

Reel Crimes, Real Crimes “Have you reached a verdict?”“We have, Your Honor.”“Okay, cut.” The camera stops shooting at the director’s command, the jurors stretch and study the next scene, and the judge jumps up and heads for the craft service table for some candy. I was observing all of this from behind the camera and […]

On meeting the creator of The Exorcist

On meeting the creator of The Exorcist

On meeting the creator of The Exorcist Years ago when I was squeaking through high school, I went with friends to see the movie the whole world was talking about: The Exorcist. As a former altar boy who’d been taught by nuns, the story jolted me. I squirmed in my seat each time we were […]

Film Review: Doors Open

Film Review: Doors Open Adapted from Ian Rankin’s 2008 stand-alone novel of the same name, this made-for-television movie remains faithful to the original darkly humorous caper. The title relates to a day-long festival in which Scottish art displays between Edinburgh and Glasgow are open for free admission to the general public.Local businessman Mike Mackenzie (Douglas […]