Cover of Aspects by John M Ford, two swords crossed above the title.

Book Review: Aspects by John M. Ford

Book Review: Aspects by John M. Ford Tor Books, 496 pages, ISBN: 9781250269041 $26.99 Hardcover $13.99 e-book Available April 5th, 2022 Until Aspects, I had never read a John M. Ford novel. For that omission, my life as a whole: literary, personal, professional, has been a poorer one. If I were to offer one piece […]

River of Ashes cover - a woman's face built from flowers.

Excerpt from River of Ashes by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

River of Ashes by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor Coming August 2, 2022 “A psychological portrait akin to Lord of the Flies.” ~Midwest Book Review SOME TRUTHS ARE BETTER KEPT SECRET. SOME SECRETS ARE BETTER OFF DEAD.   Along the banks of the Bogue Falaya River, sits the abandoned St. Francis Seminary. Beneath a canopy […]

Excerpt from SUCH A GOOD GIRL by Willow Rose

Excerpt from SUCH A GOOD GIRL by Willow Rose I paused for a second as I showed the uniformed woman behind the glass my badge. It was still so shiny that it was hard to hide how new it was. “Eva Rae Wilson? Agent Wilson?” Her eyes lifted and met mine through the glass. The […]

Ski Weekend (Excerpt)

Ski Weekend (Excerpt)   We’re almost to the foothills when the trouble begins. Flashes of red and blue light up the stormy night sky as police cars hurry along the side of the snowy mountain highway. My heart does this flip-floppy, somersaulty thing in my chest as I watch them line up, blocking the path […]

Six Survival Thrillers That Will Make You Question Your Own Life

Ever since I was young, I have been obsessed with survival thrillers. Whether they’re nonfiction tales rooted in unbelievable yet true, real-life situations or fantastical made-up fictional scenarios, the stakes don’t get any higher in storytelling than life or death adventures. These types of stories never fail to make us ponder our own existence since […]

The Problem of the Pandemic Novel

THE PROBLEM OF THE PANDEMIC NOVEL Catherine Ryan Howard   On March 27, 2020, Ireland went into lockdown having had a total of just over 2,000 coronavirus cases in a population of five million or so. There had already been a rash of restrictions – the government had announced that pubs were to close mere days before […]

Harry Potter Labyrinth Game

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday in Style

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday in Style By Anna Shura   July 31st marked the beloved wizard’s 41st birthday. (Yikes, does anyone have an anti-aging spell?) As a self-proclaimed huge Harry Potter fan, I give these items a stamp of approval, and I may or may not have all of them in my shopping cart already. […]

Excerpt From “LOST OASIS” by R Lawson Gamble

Excerpt From “LOST OASIS” by R Lawson Gamble After digging into steaming heaped plates of tangy soul-satisfying Mexican food, the friends leaned back in their chairs to contemplate the possibility of dessert. Zack sipped the dregs of his margarita and eyed his friend. “What else did you learn today? I’ve heard nothing to suggest a reason for […]

What's Your Favorite Sherlock Holmes Story?

Three Sherlockian Poems

Three new selections from our ongoing series of Sherlockian Poems: A Rare Friendship, The Dark Valley of Fear, and Breakfast at 221B Baker Street. A RARE FRIENDSHIP To the Memory of Arthur Conan Doyle   All this was a long time ago. They lived together, day and night,   in heat and winter, as if […]