Exclusive Q&A with Author Mark Rubinstein

Exclusive Q&A with Mark Rubenstein, author of The Storytellers. By Madison Thompson   This book came about from a compilation of interviews from your Huffington Post series “Writer to Writer” could you describe what the process of interviewing 46 authors looks like? It was a very interesting process. I interviewed one author each week. Over […]

Exclusive Interview With Leslie Klinger

The Strand Magazine is a huge fan of Leslie Klinger, in this exclusive interview we got the opportunity to speak to one of the most notable authorities of the Sherlock Holmes novels. An expert of classic genre fiction, Leslie Klinger tells us all about his start in the world of the crime genre and his […]

True Crime

10 Novels Inspired by True Crimes

As true crime stories, documentaries, and podcasts become more mainstream, it only makes sense that it continues to weave its way into fiction as well. Part of what makes true crime so fascinating is the horror and intrigue we feel when trying to wrap our heads around the darkest parts of humanity – and the […]

Forensics and Faces from the Past

Forensics and Faces from the Past   A lot has changed in the field of forensic art since I first started back when the dinosaurs roamed. I entered the field in 1981, working for the North Idaho Regional Crime Lab. The lab handled physical evidence from the ten northern counties of Idaho, the FBI, ATF, […]


THE LONDON MONSTER   In 1790, nearly a century before Jack the Ripper haunted the streets of London, another predator held sway. The London Monster, as this mysterious miscreant was soon dubbed, used to walk up to a beautiful, well-dressed lady, insult her with coarse and earthy language, and then stab her in the thigh […]


HUNTING WHITEY    There is an art to writing true-crime. The key is to immerse yourself in the worlds of both the criminal and the victim.  To develop and understand their psychological profiles, a writer must get a sense of their personal space – where they lived and where they died. While researching our book […]

Ten of the Darkest True Crimes in Cleveland

Ten of the Darkest True Crimes in Cleveland Cleveland, the heart of the Rust Belt, a city that back in the day, always got a bad rap.  Sure, the river once caught on fire thanks to industries that polluted it with waste.  And yeah, until the Cavs won it all back in ‘16, the city […]

Exclusive Excerpt:The Kidnap Years: The Astonishing True History of the Forgotten Kidnapping Epidemic That Shook Depression-Era America

The Kidnap Years: The Astonishing True History of the Forgotten Kidnapping Epidemic That Shook Depression-Era America (Hardcover; on-sale April 7) by David Stout, an Edgar award-winning author and veteran journalist, has received its second STARRED review. “At turns fascinating and heartbreaking, this expertly crafted history is a must-read for true crime aficionados.” – Library Journal, […]

Why I Love New York!

Why I Love New York!     As I write this, New York City and most our country are shut down under social isolation orders, a safety measure for the entire population. But I believe that we’ll bounce back again, stronger than ever, newly aware of one another and the importance of kindness and thinking […]