Seven Tips for Rediscovering Your Love of Reading

  While some writers have been writing stories since they could hold a pencil, that wasn’t my experience. I was a reader first. For thirty-five years I fell into books, crawled into stories, and lived there as often as possible. Then one day the stories in my head tumbled onto a page. I started writing, […]

Tips for Creating the Perfect Villain

How many times have you read a book where the villain reminds you of the old black-caped character twirling his handlebar mustache and laughing maniacally? Readers may have settled for that characterization a hundred years ago or even twenty-five years ago, but now they are looking for more complex characters and a more perfect villain. […]

Five Tips on Emotions for Riveting Story-telling

  I’ve always loved writing suspense for a number of reasons. I love the fight for justice and the assurance that the good guys will always win. I love taking a real-world situation, like human trafficking, or a bio-terrorism threat, and dropping my characters into the middle of the chaos as they risk their lives […]

Write Like A Picker

Write Like A Picker by Lindsay K. Bandy Anyone who enjoys historical fiction knows it’s all about the details—but not just any details. Writers who enjoy the rabbit trails of research sometimes lose their way and end up in a confusing plot-maze that leads nowhere. Others collect facts like a flea market dealer—you know, the […]

Seven Mystery Writing Tips

Seven Mystery Writing Tips Peter Abrahams aka Spencer Quinn 1. In plotting a mystery it’s good to know at least the bare bone sequential details of the actual crime. For example, Jenny hires hit man Tommy to kill her cheating husband Robby but unknown to her Tommy subcontracts the hit out to his drunken buddy […]

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses One of the questions I am sometimes asked is if I feel it’s advisable to take creative writing courses? For me, the answer is both yes and no as every writer will have their own unique journey. However, by delving into my own experiences of courses, I hope to explore the answer […]

Jeff Abbott's Top Ten Writing Tips

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules As many of my readers already know, my main character Kim Stone is not particularly successful at following rules, which prompted me to wonder about my own willingness to remain within set guidelines. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few years pondering about whether I’m breaking any rules […]

Are there any positives to publishing in a pandemic?

Are there any positives to publishing in a pandemic? It’s easy, at first glance, to find silver linings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Writing from inner London, I can report that the sun is shining, there are no planes in the sky; I can take my daily walk down the centre of the […]

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The Ten Premises of Storytelling

  The Ten Premises of Storytelling     We are all storytellers.  We live in a sea of stories—gossip, news articles, anecdotes, parables, jokes, fairy tales, and, of course, books.   Having published many books and hoping to write a few more, I have been studying what role storytelling plays in our lives.  Also, teaching writing […]

The big lesson I learned teaching creative writing

The big lesson I learned teaching creative writing Recently I was asked by a friend if I’d teach a corporate creative writing class for her employer. Teaching isn’t something I do. The thought of standing up in front of a room and speaking brought me out into a cold sweat but it was exactly that […]

Is Research That Important?

You can never have too much research

You can never have too much research Hi all, happy to be back here and chatting with you. I’m working on a little project where I’m trying to come up with great ideas about research. I’ve decided that it’s quite a beast of a project so I’m narrowing it down a bit. Here are the […]

What I learned about writing by traveling the world

  What I learned about writing by traveling the world   I was sitting in the back of a minibus in Istanbul recently and started thinking about how too often a tourist only sees the shiny facade presented to them. I love to travel and have not only done so extensively, but have also lived […]