True Crime

10 Novels Inspired by True Crimes

As true crime stories, documentaries, and podcasts become more mainstream, it only makes sense that it continues to weave its way into fiction as well. Part of what makes true crime so fascinating is the horror and intrigue we feel when trying to wrap our heads around the darkest parts of humanity – and the […]

The Problem of the Pandemic Novel

THE PROBLEM OF THE PANDEMIC NOVEL Catherine Ryan Howard   On March 27, 2020, Ireland went into lockdown having had a total of just over 2,000 coronavirus cases in a population of five million or so. There had already been a rash of restrictions – the government had announced that pubs were to close mere days before […]

Interview with Sandra Brown

Interview with Sandra Brown By Anna Shura Sandra Brown is the woman behind over 70 New York Times bestsellers and her recent 83rd publication: Blind Tiger. Her novels range from romance to historical fiction to suspense/thriller. In her exclusive interview with The Strand, Sandra Brown discusses finding the inspiration behind her Western Prohibition setting for Blind […]

Interview with S.L. McInnis

Interview with S.L. McInnis by Anna Shura   S.L. McInnis has a degree in broadcasting and has worked in public radio and television. Like the two main characters in the book, she studied music for years. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband. Framed is her debut thriller.   AS: Could you please tell us […]

Exclusive with Alexandrea Weis

Exclusive with Alexandrea Weis (We at the Strand are huge fans of Alexandrea Weis. Her novels are riveting thrill-rides, the action never stops, and they can best be described as those books which makes you miss your train stop or forget that you’ve been immersed in her novel  for hours. We caught up with Alexandrea […]

Interview with Kim Harrison

Interview with Kim Harrison New York Times best-selling author Kim Harrison – the pseudonym of Dawn Cook – thought she was done with her Hollows series of urban fantasy novels in 2014. Then she wrote another. And another. Her latest novel, the recently-released Million Dollar Demon (Ace $28), is the 16th installment in the Hollows […]

Deadpool co-creator publishes 1st novel, 25 years in the making

Fabian Nicieza, a writer in the comic book medium best known for co-creating Deadpool, made two projects a reality this year – after a quarter-century. The first is his debut novel called Suburban Dicks (G.P. Putnam’s Sons $27), a mystery that occurs in suburban New Jersey where ex-FBI profiler Andrea Stern (who’s seven months pregnant […]

A Conversation with Mark Dawson, author of The Cleaner

A Conversation with Mark Dawson, author of The Cleaner   Who is John Milton? What is his role in MI5? John Milton is a government assassin who has killed more than 100 people and has increasingly struggled with his conscience. After the assassination of two Iraqi scientists is witnessed by a child (and knowing that […]

Author Q&A with Andy McNab

TSM: SAS: Red Notice was recently adapted into a major film starring Sam Heughan, Tom Wilkinson, and Andy Serkis. Is this your first adaptation and how was that experience for you? AM: My first adaptation was the 2-part TV series that was made from BRAVO TWO ZERO, my very first book. It starred British actor Sean […]