DVD Review Father Brown Season 6

DVD Review—Father Brown Season Six

Father Brown has been on the rise over the last few seasons, and Chris Chan has his DVD review to let you know if Father Brown Season Six should be added to your queue.   The sixth season of Father Brown shows a notable improvement over the early seasons, as well as the continuation of […]

DVD Review—Acquitted, Spring Tide, and Those Who Kill

DVD Review—Acquitted, Spring Tide, and Those Who Kill

Looking for your next binge-worthy show? Why not try one of these Scandinavian crime dramas! Acquitted, Spring Tide, and Those Who Kill have something for every crime drama aficionado, from the classic “whodunnit?” to even more twisted, dark stories.   DVD Review–Acquitted: Seasons One and Two (Norwegian language series), Spring Tide: Season One (Swedish language series), and Those Who Kill (Danish […]

dvd review top of the lake china girl

DVD Review—Top of the Lake: China Girl

DVD Review—Top of the Lake: China Girl   Coming about half a decade after the release of the original series Top of the Lake, the second season, subtitled China Girl, is striking by both how similar the sequel is to its predecessor, and how simultaneously shockingly different it is as well.   The original series […]

the americans season 6

DVD Review: The Americans Season 6

DVD Review: The Americans Season 6 (Warning: Oblique spoilers for previous seasons of The Americans follow.) The Americans is a high-concept television series in which the initial premise could have led to any point on the spectrum of quality. In lesser hands, the tale of two Russian spies living undercover as subversives in the United States could […]

Book Review of The Week: The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

Book Review of The Week: The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor THE CHALK MAN By C.J. Tudor New York: Crown, 2018. $27.00 C.J. Tudor is something of a Renaissance woman. Before circumstances enabled her to write full-time, she dabbled in professions that included copywriter, television host, voice-over artist, and professional dog walker. Despite whatever creative […]

The Top Twenty Novels of 2018

Must Read Books in 2018   The Library Book by Susan Orlean (Simon & Schuster) (An unlikely book to make it to the top of the list, but Orlean delivers a book so vivid in atmosphere with a detailed plot that will appeal not only to those of us who love books, which makes it a […]