Get Ready for the Day Using Sherlock Holmes Gear

Get Ready for the Day Using Sherlock Holmes Gear By Anna Shura   Getting ready in the morning can be a lot more fun if you are accompanied by Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Luckily, The Strand has a perfect array of helpful Holmes items to start your day:   1. Sherlock Holmes Book Cover Mug […]

Top 5 Vacations through Puzzles

Top 5 Vacations through Puzzles By Anna Shura The past year has redefined what it means to stay-cation, and while the world is slowly coming back to normal, travel is not available for everyone yet. But don’t worry! The Strand has the perfect way to travel from home. Check out these worldly puzzles for some […]

Jane Austen Wishlist

Jane Austen Wishlist By Anna Shura   The magnificent Jane Austen celebrated her 204th death day anniversary  on July 18th. A leading author for many centuries deserves our discussion and readership after all these years. This post goes out to the many Austen fans around the world. Whether you self-identify as an Austen fan and […]

Interview with Sandra Brown

Interview with Sandra Brown By Anna Shura Sandra Brown is the woman behind over 70 New York Times bestsellers and her recent 83rd publication: Blind Tiger. Her novels range from romance to historical fiction to suspense/thriller. In her exclusive interview with The Strand, Sandra Brown discusses finding the inspiration behind her Western Prohibition setting for Blind […]

Interview with S.L. McInnis

Interview with S.L. McInnis by Anna Shura   S.L. McInnis has a degree in broadcasting and has worked in public radio and television. Like the two main characters in the book, she studied music for years. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband. Framed is her debut thriller.   AS: Could you please tell us […]

Harry Potter Labyrinth Game

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday in Style

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday in Style By Anna Shura   July 31st marked the beloved wizard’s 41st birthday. (Yikes, does anyone have an anti-aging spell?) As a self-proclaimed huge Harry Potter fan, I give these items a stamp of approval, and I may or may not have all of them in my shopping cart already. […]