Ten Thrilling Mothers

Ten Thrilling Mothers by Jenny Milchman   Some of our oldest stories have mothers behind them—think Jocasta from Oedipus Rex or even Eve, mother of two very troubled brothers. This may be attributable to the fact that as disparate as the human experience is, we all have a mother, she’s part of our origin stories, […]

A Stranger Comes to Town & Other Newly Iconic Plots

“A Stranger Comes to Town” & Other Newly Iconic Plots

A Stranger Comes to Town & Other Newly Iconic Plots Depending on the source, there are as few as three or as many as thirty-six plots. (Foster-Harris’s trio includes “happy ending,” “unhappy ending,” and “super unhappy ending” AKA “tragedy,” while George Polti’s more nuanced selections range from “daring enterprise” to “slaying of unrecognized kin.”) Seven […]

Top Ten Family Thrillers

(Editor’s Note: Author Jenny Milchman, shares her top ten thrillers which revolve around families, from Harlan Coben to Greg Iles. Note only is Milchman an accomplished author, but her blog pieces about everything from thrillers to the craft of writing have entertained and informed legions of readers) You know how somebody will say something and […]