Q & A with Seth Adams

Strand Magazine intern Kierstin Singer had the opportunity to interview Seth Adams, author of If You Go Down to the Woods Today (2018) and Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019). Read this Q&A if you want to enter the Literary Mind of Seth Adams! Is there a difference between a writer and an author? Although these terms can be used synonymously in […]

Literary Thrillers: An Oxymoron? by Bonnie Kistler

What’s in a name? Plenty, if we’re talking about the label assigned to a novel. It governs where the work is shelved in a bookstore or library or what algorithm an e-tailer uses to recommend it. It determines whether the novel’s readership is largely men or almost entirely women, or children or young adults or […]

Understanding the Accidental Killer by Rebecca Taylor

When I was sixteen and just about to get my driver’s license, my friend’s mother made a surprising confession. When she was a young adult, she made a right-hand turn on a green light when a woman on a bicycle suddenly rode in front of her moving car. She hit the woman, launching her body […]

The Problem of the Pandemic Novel

THE PROBLEM OF THE PANDEMIC NOVEL Catherine Ryan Howard   On March 27, 2020, Ireland went into lockdown having had a total of just over 2,000 coronavirus cases in a population of five million or so. There had already been a rash of restrictions – the government had announced that pubs were to close mere days before […]

Excerpt From “LOST OASIS” by R Lawson Gamble

Excerpt From “LOST OASIS” by R Lawson Gamble After digging into steaming heaped plates of tangy soul-satisfying Mexican food, the friends leaned back in their chairs to contemplate the possibility of dessert. Zack sipped the dregs of his margarita and eyed his friend. “What else did you learn today? I’ve heard nothing to suggest a reason for […]