Memories and Suspense: Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Writing Approach

Every author approaches writing a little differently. Some plot while others are pantsers. Some writers conduct research up front, whereas others may dig up what they need to know as they go along. It’s the unique methods and singular style thriller and mystery authors apply to their work that makes books stand out and differentiates […]

The Secrets of Megan Collins’ Behind the Red Door

The Bourne Identity. The Girl on the Train. Before I Go To Sleep. Though vastly different, these thrillers have something in common: all incorporate memory loss and secrets into their plots. Memory, as we know, can be a tenuous thing. At the same time, it’s vital to survival. Without our memories, we’d be unable to […]

Memories Inspire Fiction: Q&A with Wendy Walker

What sparks the idea for a novel? Ask five authors, and you’re likely to get five different answers. For some, it’s the desire to shed light on a particular community or event. For others, it’s the need to communicate an experience. When it comes to thriller writers, it isn’t uncommon to turn intriguing but ultimately […]

Agatha’s Back: Five Mysteries That Channel the Queen of Crime

Agatha’s Back: Five Mysteries That Channel the Queen of Crime When filmmaker Rian Johnson’s latest movie Knives Out hit theaters in late 2019, it was met with both critical acclaim and box office success. Some called it a “star-studded thriller,” others “a romping delight,” but there was one constant: almost everyone likened the film to the […]