Author Q&A with Jeneva Rose

Exclusive Q&A with Jeneva Rose, author of The Perfect Marriage and upcoming novel One of Us is Dead (out 4/26). By Madison Thompson   Could you tell us about your latest novel, One of Us is Dead? One of Us is Dead is about a salon owner who gets entangled in the lives of her elite, […]

Exclusive Q&A with Author Mark Rubinstein

Exclusive Q&A with Mark Rubenstein, author of The Storytellers. By Madison Thompson   This book came about from a compilation of interviews from your Huffington Post series “Writer to Writer” could you describe what the process of interviewing 46 authors looks like? It was a very interesting process. I interviewed one author each week. Over […]

Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson Author Q&A

TSM: How did your own passion for mysteries and reading help you develop the protagonist of Eight Perfect Murders, Malcolm Kershaw? PS: Mal’s passion for reading is very autobiographical. If he likes a book, it means I liked that book. The similarities between us stop there! TSM: Is the list of Eight Perfect Murders that […]

Excerpt from Nadine Matheson’s THE JIGSAW MAN

  Chapter 16 Henley watched Olivier through the shatterproof window. He spoke to one officer while another officer inserted a key into the handcuffs around Olivier’s wrists. Olivier said something, and the short Asian officer shook his head and laughed. Ol­ivier placed his hand on the second officer’s arm, and Henley flinched. The cuffs were […]

Author Q&A with Andy McNab

TSM: SAS: Red Notice was recently adapted into a major film starring Sam Heughan, Tom Wilkinson, and Andy Serkis. Is this your first adaptation and how was that experience for you? AM: My first adaptation was the 2-part TV series that was made from BRAVO TWO ZERO, my very first book. It starred British actor Sean […]

Seven Tips for Rediscovering Your Love of Reading

  While some writers have been writing stories since they could hold a pencil, that wasn’t my experience. I was a reader first. For thirty-five years I fell into books, crawled into stories, and lived there as often as possible. Then one day the stories in my head tumbled onto a page. I started writing, […]

Tips for Creating the Perfect Villain

How many times have you read a book where the villain reminds you of the old black-caped character twirling his handlebar mustache and laughing maniacally? Readers may have settled for that characterization a hundred years ago or even twenty-five years ago, but now they are looking for more complex characters and a more perfect villain. […]

Sibling Rivalries throughout the Ages

  Sibling rivalries have existed throughout recorded history, beginning with Cain and Abel in the bible. I haven’t been exempt myself, and if you have a sibling, you probably haven’t either. Siblings can be the best of friends, and also, the worst of enemies. When I was a teenager, one of my three sisters threw […]

The Strange True Stories Behind The Girl in the Mirror

  Why do we read novels? We all know they aren’t true, but we allow ourselves to believe, to get caught up as though in a dream. Readers’ willingness to suspend disbelief is perhaps one of the strangest things about fiction. However, there are limits. Some readers will happily swallow stories with fanciful creatures, sci-fi […]

Seven spellbinding books that shaped modern ‘Western’ magic

    Corpus Hermeticum (1st-3rd centuries CE), Anon These mysterious ‘wisdom texts’, written in Greek and attributed to an ancient Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, could claim to be foundational to both Western magic and science! Their huge influence followed their rediscovery and translation during the Italian renaissance, and the hermetic idea of controlling nature by […]