From Criminal Lawyer to Criminal Writer

From Criminal Lawyer to Criminal Writer By: Nadine Matheson I can always hear Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad in my head whenever someone asks me what I do for a living. ” You don’t want a criminal lawyer. You want a “criminal lawyer.” It makes me laugh but I can read the looks that spreads across […]

Author Q&A With John Teschner

Q: Tell me a little bit about your upcoming book, Project Namahana  A: Project Namahana is a thriller/mystery novel, set on Kawaii – which is the Hawaiian Island where my wife and I spent the last seven years. The book started with this article I read about a company that had been dumping chemicals into […]

Dark Objects and Why True Crime Is Stranger than Fiction

DARK OBJECTS AND WHY TRUE CRIME IS STRANGER THAN FICTION By: Simon Toyne “Where do you get your ideas from?” is pretty much top of the list of questions I get asked at festivals and signings. It’s a question I usually dread because normally I have no idea, ideas just seem to form out of nothing […]

Top Ten Books About Actors

Top Ten Books About Actors By: Elly Griffiths What would you be if you weren’t a writer? I’m often asked this question and I always reply, rather smugly, that I’ve always wanted to write and completed my first book (still sadly unpublished) when I was eleven. But the truth is that I did have another […]

Poe’s Horror Trumps His Mystery

Poe’s Horror Trumps His Mystery By Jeffrey B. Burton I ordered a collection of horror stories by Edgar Allan Poe through Scholastic Books in fifth grade. Scholastic promised the tales of terror would scare the bejesus out of me. Unfortunately, I was too young for Poe at the time; however, later in junior high, I […]

On Friendship as a Source of Intrigue in Fiction

On Friendship as a Source of Intrigue in Fiction By: Alanna Schubach One of the more intriguing aspects of making a new friend, as a child, was going to their house for the first time. I remember it as a revelatory experience: finally I would see what had been hidden during our interactions in the […]

When Inspiration Strikes 

When Inspiration Strikes by Richard O’Rawe, author of Goering’s Gold: A Ructions O’Hare Novel I have a heart condition. So when my doctor advised me to go to the hospital to check out chest and stomach pains, I listened. My wife and I arrived at the triage centre of the local Accident and Emergency department […]

Why the Paranormal is Normal in New Orleans

If you’ve ever strolled through the French Quarter, you’ve seen ghost tours clogging sidewalks, for sale signs warning of haunted houses, and, if lucky, you’ve overheard the locals speak of paranormal happenings keeping them up at night. That’s the way of things here. Living with ethereal intruders is as commonplace as beignets and showers every […]

The Anatomy of a Thriller

The Anatomy of a Thriller By Daco S. Auffenorde   Imagine waking up chained to a bed. A weight bears down on your body. Your brain’s interior crackles. Harsh, white lights blind you. A nightmare? No. You’re in a hospital. You’ve suffered a tremendous fall, a doctor says. It’s a miracle you’re not dead. “What’s […]

Phat Dog Vintage Library: 1000 Piece Foil Stamped Puzzle

A Life in Libraries

A Life in Libraries by Glenn Cooper Anyone who knows me well, knows that libraries are important in my life. My first exposure occurred when I was very young and my mother dragged me to a library where she was doing her dissertation work. I was given a book to occupy myself at a long […]

Author Q&A with Jeneva Rose

Exclusive Q&A with Jeneva Rose, author of The Perfect Marriage and upcoming novel One of Us is Dead (out 4/26). By Madison Thompson   Could you tell us about your latest novel, One of Us is Dead? One of Us is Dead is about a salon owner who gets entangled in the lives of her elite, […]