The Writer Inside Me

    Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me (1952) established him as one of the preeminent practitioners of hardboiled crime fiction. A first-person confession of a small town deputy sheriff going on a murder spree, it is a frightening and gripping novel that earned Thompson the sobriquet “Dimestore Dostoevsky.” Stanley Kubrick, who directed two Jim […]


  I was gazing over at my bedside table the other morning and noticed that the content and size of my ‘currently reading’ pile has changed over the last few months. In the world before Covid, there was always a judicious mix of business books and literary novels—literature and business being two of my great […]

Write Like A Picker

Write Like A Picker by Lindsay K. Bandy Anyone who enjoys historical fiction knows it’s all about the details—but not just any details. Writers who enjoy the rabbit trails of research sometimes lose their way and end up in a confusing plot-maze that leads nowhere. Others collect facts like a flea market dealer—you know, the […]

Hooked on the Drug War

    Seized as we are by dysfunction in our political and social institutions, it might well be time to cut our losses. We must fix certain problems—health care, the environment, education—but fifty years is long enough for the War on Drugs. And America lost. Of course America lost. The fighting is the loss. As […]

English Domestic Thrillers

    The most difficult part of writing this article was deciding which books to recommend. English domestic thrillers have long been popular and perhaps never more so than in the past decade when the choice of suspenseful, chilling reads feels as if it has never been more plentiful. The current market for domestic thrillers […]


By Martin Edwards   ‘Fair play’ is a defining principle of the traditional detective story. The author makes an implicit promise that readers will be given a reasonable opportunity to unravel the mystery for themselves before all is revealed at the end. Clues will be given to the solution – and they need to be […]


    I’ve done it again.  I just finished another book that features an animal as one of my main characters. I had no intention of doing it when I was planning CHAOS.  I was going to have a razzle-dazzle plot with lots of dynamite adventures and terrible villains for my characters to triumph over.  […]

The Man behind Merlin

The historical figure who inspired a legend. By Signe Pike Nearly 1,500 years ago, a man stood on top of a hill fort in Scotland knowing he was about to die. He was not alone, though he might as well have been, given the size of the army marching to lay siege upon the fortress. […]

Interview with Ronald Barak

Interview with Ronald Barak TSM: What inspires you to write? For whom do you write? Why do you want people to read what you write?  RB: [See for the longer version.] I write because it forces me to think, to hopefully be creative, to grow. I write for those who also want to think, […]

Seven Essential Native American Crime Novels

By David Heska Wanbli Weiden   The genre of Native American crime fiction remains popular among mystery fans, yet few would be able to name writers in this field beyond the wildly successful Tony Hillerman, Thomas Perry, James Doss, and perhaps a few others.  For those who’ve enjoyed the work of these non-Native writers, it […]