Excerpt from Nadine Matheson’s THE JIGSAW MAN

  Chapter 16 Henley watched Olivier through the shatterproof window. He spoke to one officer while another officer inserted a key into the handcuffs around Olivier’s wrists. Olivier said something, and the short Asian officer shook his head and laughed. Ol­ivier placed his hand on the second officer’s arm, and Henley flinched. The cuffs were […]


By Martin Edwards   ‘Fair play’ is a defining principle of the traditional detective story. The author makes an implicit promise that readers will be given a reasonable opportunity to unravel the mystery for themselves before all is revealed at the end. Clues will be given to the solution – and they need to be […]

Leon Turrou: The Greatest Detective of them All?

by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones   Look at the FBI’s official website, and you’ll find a reference to one of America’s greatest detectives, Leon Turrou. The website explains that in 1938 Turrou was the Bureau’s lead investigator into a German spy ring. However, this official FBI narrative observes that his “background simply did not prepare him for […]

What Makes Sherlock So Special

What Makes Sherlock So Special What indeed! Sherlock Holmes has been with us for over one hundred years and the public’s interest for him remains unquenchable. He is known the world over and is so familiar that his name has become part of our vernacular. Moreover, he is the most portrayed character in film and […]

The Legacy of Raymond Chandler (Part II)

The Legacy of Raymond Chandler Part II A ‘Lost’ Generation, Found: Raymond Chandler’s Legacy Although physical violence and brutality have always existed as important facets of crime fiction, the early pioneers of the genre created a style of writing in which acts of violence came to symbolize the ugliness and unpredictability of society. In his […]

The Legacy of Raymond Chandler

The Legacy of Raymond Chandler (Part I)

The Legacy of Raymond Chandler A ‘Lost’ Generation, Found: Raymond Chandler’s Legacy Many 20th-century writers, particularly in the post-Vietnam era, cite Raymond Chandler as one of their main influences. Inspired by his self-consciousness within the genre and his desire to understand and explore the confines of the form, contemporary writers took their lead from Chandler’s […]