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Joseph Finder on the Element of Surprise

Joseph Finder on the Element of Surprise Suspense writer Joseph Finder examines the art of twists and shocking endings as he discusses the element of surprise in five novels with endings he never saw coming.   There’s a paradox to being a suspense writer. We writers get into this business because we love reading—but the […]

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Read an Excerpt from What Doesn’t Kill Her by Christina Dodd

“What’s your new book about?” An author can write 100,000 words, create an insightful tale of terror, humor, adventure, romance, and mystery, yet when someone—in this case, a writer-friend—asks, “What’s your new book about?” all the insightful words dry up. All that’s left is babble. I told my friend What Doesn’t Kill Her is a thriller. […]


HAVE YOU EATEN?   Frederick placed the three plastic trays balanced on his arms atop the green cafeteria-style table. He sat, and after three hours of wandering through Chinatown, and another half hour queuing up at three different food stalls, it felt good to sit. It was just after the dinner rush and most of […]

 Crossroad: A Short Story

Crossroad: A Short Story

Crossroad: A Short Story Even the windows shook when the lightning burst overhead. Our front room lit like a Polaroid time and again as light flashed through blinds I hadn’t closed. Rain, endless, came in a deluge. I looked up from the armchair again. My worrying at the clock wouldn’t get Dad home any sooner, […]

Sentences: A Love Story

Sentences: A Love Story My Love for the Sentence I am in love with sentences. I am a philanderer of sentences, a polyamorous glutton, a syntax satyr, a serial sentencer. And I have no intention of ever changing my ways, no 12-step program for me, even though, with each passing year, I become more of […]

Sherlock Holmes in Verse

Sherlock Holmes in Verse (Sung to the tune of SILVER BELLS)  Melodic adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in Verse By Daniel E. Lambert   Dirty racetrack, muddy racetrack Running mile after mile In the air There’s a feeling of winning. People yelling Vendors selling Mugs of stout and good beer And after each race you will […]

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Vig by R.G. Oram

Vig by R.G. Oram   He just sat there, waiting. Sitting with his back gently resting on the chair. Hands on the table pressed together in the shape of a pyramid. His eyes looked straight at the two-way mirror. He was smiling at whoever observed from the other side, wanting them to witness his confidence, to […]

Murder for Christmas by Francis Duncan (Excerpts)

Murder for Christmas by Francis Duncan (Excerpts) The scream awakened him. Mordecai Tremaine sat up in bed with the sound of it ringing in his ears, and at first he could not tell whether it was real. Imagination and reality, fantasy and fact had become so entwined within him that, aroused suddenly from a troubled […]