Musical Mysteries: A literary Odyssey

Haunted Melody

Haunted Melody Melody awoke with a start, her sheets soaked. The dream. It was getting worse. She couldn’t shake these nightmares. She thought she’d never break free.She slid from bed and wrapped her housecoat around her waist. After ensuring she hadn’t disturbed Paul, she stepped into her slippers and tiptoed downstairs. In the sitting room, […]

The Assassin’s Birthday

The Assassin’s Birthday Lustig was waiting for the man who nearly thirty years ago they had called “The Killer.” A very effective fellow—the cleanup man who got rid of traitors and other undesirables.It was strange that he was late. Lustig had arrived an hour early at Estiatorio Milos’s sushi bar, which was attached to the […]

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jon Land

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jon Land “Does it really work?” Julia Burrell asked the clerk behind the counter.  “Because this is important.”The clerk held the dark bottle between flabby fingers that were fitting extensions of his squat frame topped with a slicked-down comb over that didn’t quite reach.  “It always is.”“Lots depends on it.”“It always does.  […]